Tips to design beautiful gardens that appeals to the senses

The colors and the enormous diversity of combinations, fragrances, designs, and flowers add to the beauty of gardens. It is really important to create and design a beautiful garden as it adds an elegant look to the house, purifies the air around the environment, and also a shelter for some creepy insects and animals. Beautiful flowers, greenery view, lightly fragrant and fresh air, chirping sounds from the birds, cool breeze flowing around the windows of the house are all enough reasons to create and design a beautiful garden for you. Go for a drive around your neighborhood and take notice of the gardens that catch your eye or next time you visit a friend’s garden, be observant and tune in to what you love about it. Here are some tips to create some stunning gardens in your house area:

Design beautiful gardens

1. Grow flowers and flowering plants

This is the first and foremost step in designing a garden. You can either opt to grow your garden with exotic plants either in your ground garden area or on your terrace. Whichever option it is, both add to their unique styles. Colorful flowers like roses(red, pink, yellow), Jasmine(white), Mogra(white), chives(purple) add such a beautiful view as well as it fills the air with lovely fragrances. It immediately lifts and enhances your mood. You don’t have to specifically plant flowers, but you can have the basics. Beneficial insects will also be attracted to your garden and they will happily pollinate for you and clean up the pests.

2. Pest and weed control

This is the most important process in the creating a beautiful garden. Remove and compost plants that compete with what you really want in your garden, particularly in a small space like a pot or container where they are more obvious than in a larger garden. Why waste money by sharing your plant food and nutrients with freeloaders! Adding an attractive and practical mulch will deter any weeds from setting up the house.

3. Organize the plants

Organize plants with the same foliage or flower color for greater impact. Theme the area of your garden by clever use of color is an easy trick to use. Stand back and take a look at the colors in your garden now. Could you move them around for better effect? For example, putting a punnet of four or six of the same colored flower in a pot for mass planting has a greater effect than just adding one flower. Surrounding these with another contrasting color will ‘frame’ the picture, add balance and use another design trick – repetition.

4. Avoid clutter

This may be challenging if you have a really small space and want to grow a lot of plants! The access gets difficult in case of overcrowding and the overall use of the space challenging. Try to balance hard surfaces with the plants you select and avoid using too many different materials. Consider growing some plants indoors and spread them out to areas of the home where they suit the light conditions. Ferns, for example, love the humidity and lower light conditions in many bathrooms whereas outdoors they may take up too much valuable personal space that could be better used for other plants or furniture. Use vertical spaces like walls, railings, containers and hanging baskets to free up floor space on a small deck or balcony.

5. Use multi-functional edible herbs and flowers

Use multi-functional edible herbs and flowers for the kitchen, borders, and fragrance. Choose herbs like curly-leafed parsley, clumps of chives, mounds of lemon thyme and compact Greek basil with marigolds, violets, and tatsoi. Not only do they provide variation in color but add beauty, flavor, and structure too.

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