Smart home decor ideas to have a lavish effect

When it comes down to home interiors, it is those tiny little things that add up to the sum of your space. Whether you are in the middle of a renovation, or simply daydreaming about tile and new countertops, let’s discuss a few of those design details that should not be overlooked. And honestly, if you do nothing else, you would be surprised at how making the following small changes can instantly transform your space. Here are these smart tricks that can help you to transform your interior look:

Home decor ideas

Good door hardware

From your knobs to your hinges, this is one area that should truly never be overlooked. We were lucky wherein our home boasts mostly original porcelain knobs from 1898, which is it is own kind of wonderful. However, they most definitely are not located throughout. You can opt to switch out some of the more builder basic knobs that would add grace to your doors to embrace another layer of detail to our home. It will make more impact than you can realize.

Hung your curtains properly

A little secret: curtains should be hung as high, and as wide, as your room allows. It is the quickest way to make your space, and windows, feel bigger and brighter and are an absolute game changer the moment they are hung. If space allows, you want to have at least 8″ of rod and curtain past your window casing, and they should be mounted as high as your ceilings. You can have them puddle on the floor for a more relaxed feel, or opt for ones that just barely graze the floor for a more tailored appeal.

Enhanced Lighting

Lighting is one of those things that should never be overlooked, and nothing ruins a space more than overly yellow, or overly blue bulbs. You can understand the utility of using GE reveal bulbs and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes. It is the closest thing to natural light on the market right now and bathes each room in a soft, warm, glow.

Yellowed Outlets

Switching out those old, cracked, yellowed covers for those that are light, bright, and clean, truly made all the difference in the world.

Area rugs

Each and every time, without question, the moment an area rug goes down is the very instant that a house feels like a home. Not only does it help ground and define each space which is crucial in the mostly-open-concept homes we have today, but that layer adds an element of cozy and comfortability that is not easily achieved in any other way. But that’s pretty sure that it is a design game changer.

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