Renovate your bathroom into the latest designs

Nearly every high-end bathroom we’ve stepped into is equipped with seating of some sort, be it a simple garden stool, a tufted ottoman, or an ornately carved armchair. Not only does the accent look luxurious, but it also feels grand—why do your pedicure on the toilet seat when you could have your very own throne?

Renovate your bathroom

We often see hurricane jars filled cotton balls in the most well-appointed of bathrooms. The traditional look isn’t for everyone, and some of us like our toiletries more concealed. But one of the most tried-and-true tricks for giving your space an elevated aesthetic is to contain your odds and ends. Store your soap in a dish rather than on the sink, stash your toothbrush in a beautiful tumbler, or keep your Q-tips in a darling box; doing so will instantly neaten your space.

A dirty or tired bath mat is a sure fire way to make your bathroom look unkempt, and if you have one, there’s no question yours should be swiftly replaced. But the most luxurious bathrooms have taken this a step further and replaced terry cloth mats with Turkish and Persian rugs. The tufted wool rugs are soft underfoot and the perfect substitute for a bath mat. Better yet, with beautiful patterns and colors that only get better as they fade, they can add so much personality and sophistication to your bathroom.

It’s a sad, sad thing how many of us settle for contractor-grade mirrors from the bathroom aisle at The Home Depot. By choosing a mirror with a little more personality, and getting clever with storage rather than resorting to the standard medicine cabinet, you’ll elevate your space to something far from basic. If you’re on a budget, browse flea markets and discount shops like Home Goods for affordable mirrors, or try DIY-ing one.

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