7 ways to decorate your wall in this Christmas

The Christmas celebration is just the start. Make every room look as festive as possible with these glittering, shiny and jolly ideas. In these cold days, the best you can do is to stay in your warm home and make something fun. If you have decorated your Christmas tree now is time to decorate the walls. It will look amazing with some Christmas decorations. You can make Christmas tree on your wall with branches or string lights. Interesting décor for your walls are also the reindeer. You can make them from paper or wood. Signs with best wishes are also part of the wall décor. We can help you with some amazing ideas, you just have to get crafty. Here are 30 great examples of Christmas wall art.

decorate your wall in this Christmas

1. Wall hanging Christmas tree

Make a wall triangular wooden base, and stick green leaves and plastic red berries as per the wooden shape. This wall hanging is the best décor for those who opt for minimalistic decoration.

2. Colorful pipe Christmas tree

This is a beautiful a décor. Cut the plastic pipes of different sizes in circular styles. Stick them on the walls in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can add colorful balls, flowers, small toys, colorful stones to make it more attractive in each circular block pipe. After the decoration, it actually looks stunning.

3. Cupcake Christmas tree

This décor idea is very simple and easy to make, especially those on walls with a white and red background. You can stick the empty cupcakes on the walls in the shape of Christmas tree. It looks so pristine in white.

4. Snowflakes with Ice-cream sticks

Well for this décor, you can start collecting ice-cream sticks for a while. You can make use of your creativity to create a snowflake and paint it with red color.

5. Paper snowflakes

Three-dimensional paper snowflakes on your wall and bedroom provide that soft Christmas touch. The snowflakes are of various sizes and forms. It could also come in a varied color for a livelier appeal. The decors make your place a winter wonderland.

6. Wish hanging décor

Wish your guests “Happy Holidays” with this eye-catching Christmas décor set nicely dangling on your wall. Color each letter gold and use red felt as background. A neon ribbon would look great on the branch filled with red berries. It’s just simply captivating.

7. Bicycle rim décor

Old bicycle rims can be turned into seriously bright Christmas wall décor. Turn your wall into something exceptionally creatively delightful using a G30 or G40 Globe light sets. For better effect use several colors for the lights. Place each rim overlapping each other for that continuous overall effect.

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